Susan Friedman

Photography / Mixed Media

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" Cavalos de Portugal"


Photographs of Lusitano and Sorraia magnificent horses from Portugal   by Susan Friedman


74 pages, color


$ 40.00 + 10.00 (S&H)


About The Book "Drinkers of the Wind"


The wind-spout gathered itself into a prancing horse; hence the old bedouin name for a horse, 'Drinker of the Wind.'


About the Book: This is collection of new images & myths inspired by the Arabian Horse and including landscapes from the misty mountains south of Half Moon Bay, California.


This edition is each individually signed and numbered.  28 color plates


$150.00 + 10.00 (S&H)


"50 Horses"


26 pages,  color, 10 3/4 x 8 1/4


$ 40.00 + 10.00 (S+H)




This cloth-bound edition is each individually signed and numbered, contains 28 color plates.



$ 125.00 + 10.00 (S+H)

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