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In her photographs Susan Friedman captures the powerful and muscular forms of horses, and depicts the spirit of this timeless muse. An award-winning documentary filmmaker and photographer, her work can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, and the Oakland Museum.

"Djerba. Tunisia

(The island of Dreams)"

In 2018 I traveled to the Island of Djerba ( The Island of Dreams). Djerba is the legendary beautiful home of the lotus-eaters, where Ulysses paused during the course of the Odyssey. I stayed in the oldest village in Tunisia. called Erriadh.


 In 2014 street art artists from all around the world decided to transform the village into an open-sky museum. I was transfixed by the blue doors the wall art and the amazing arab/berber horses.  This book is about that experience.

68 Pages (Color)

$ 45.00 +  $10 (S&H)


The movement and motion of the horse first attracted me to the racetrack. My curiosity about the hidden world behind the vibrant colors and elegant athleticism of both the horse and the rider - that and my earliest memories of being drawn to horses. I've tried to imply the sounds of the horses' breath  on the track before dawn, the blaring music coming out the barns, and horses' joy and passion in movement in these still images of this world, so mythic and mysterious to me. But this book is really about the film I see in my mind's eye - complete with the motion, sounds,and smells of the track when I close my eyes.

58 pages

$ 45.00 + 10.00 (S+H)

" Cavalos de Portugal"



Photographs of Lusitano and Sorraia magnificent horses from Portugal   by Susan Friedman

74 pages, color

$ 40.00 + 10.00 (S&H)

"Drinkers of the Wind"


 About The Book


The wind-spout gathered itself into a prancing horse; hence the old bedouin name for a horse, 'Drinker of the Wind.'


This is collection of new images & myths inspired by the Arabian Horse and including landscapes from the misty mountains south of Half Moon Bay, California.


This edition is each individually signed and numbered.

"50 Horses"


26 pages,  color, 10 3/4 x 8 1/4

 $ 40.00 + 10.00 (S+H)

28 color plates       $ 40.00 + 10.00 (S+H)

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